The BioGRID ORCS REST Service JSON format uses the same headers as both the Screen Format and the Screen Index Format fields follow the same naming as outlined in those two pages above, with the exception that they are all capitals letters and have spacing replaced with underscores.

For example a single entry for the Screen Index may look like the following:


  "SCREEN_ID": "17",
  "SOURCE_ID": "26627737",
  "SOURCE_TYPE": "pubmed",
  "AUTHOR": "Hart T (2015)",
  "SCREEN_NAME": "2-PMID26627737",
  "SCORES_SIZE": "17648",
  "FULL_SIZE": "17661",
  "NUMBER_OF_HITS": "1696",
  "SIGNIFICANCE_INDICATOR": "Score Significance",
  "SIGNIFICANCE_CRITERIA": "Score.1 (Bayes Factor) > 15.47",
  "THROUGHPUT": "High Throughput",
  "SCREEN_TYPE": "Negative Selection",
  "SCREEN_FORMAT": "Pool",
  "EXPERIMENTAL_SETUP": "Timecourse",
  "DURATION": "18 Days",
  "MOI": "~ 0.3",
  "LIBRARY": "TKO (Toronto Knockout) v1",
  "METHODOLOGY": "Knockout",
  "ENZYME": "CAS9",
  "CELL_LINE": "HeLa",
  "CELL_TYPE": "Cervical Adenocarcinoma Cell Line",
  "PHENOTYPE": "viability",
  "SCORE.1_TYPE": "Bayes Factor",
  "SCORE.2_TYPE": "-",
  "SCORE.3_TYPE": "-",
  "SCORE.4_TYPE": "-",
  "SCORE.5_TYPE": "-",
  "ORGANISM_ID": "9606",
  "ORGANISM_OFFICIAL": "Homo sapiens",
  "NOTES": "Genes with a Bayes Factor (BF) above the threshold of 15.47 at an FDR of 5% (FDR < 0.05) were identified as fitness genes (hits) for this cell line in this CRISPR screen.",


and a single entry in the gene or screen end points might look like the following in JSON

  "SCREEN_ID": "370",
  "IDENTIFIER_ID": "1021",
  "IDENTIFIER_TYPE": "gene",
  "ORGANISM_ID": "9606",
  "ORGANISM_OFFICIAL": "Homo sapiens",
  "SCORE.1": "-1.24882324039",
  "SCORE.2": "0",
  "SCORE.3": "-",
  "SCORE.4": "-",
  "SCORE.5": "-",
  "HIT": "YES",

If on the other hand, you are choosing the “tab” option instead of json, the formats will match identically with our primary download formats which you can find here: BioGRID ORCS Download Format Details

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