Online Tools and Resources

Listed on this page are tools, software, and related resources either written by the BioGRID team or a third party that can help you make use of BioGRID ORCS CRISPR Screen Data. If you know of a useful software tool that should be in this listing, let us know at

Partner Resources

  • BioGRID - The BioGRID is an interaction repository with data compiled through comprehensive curation efforts.
  • Yeast Kinome - Saccharomyces cerevisiae Kinase and Phosphatase Interactome (KPI) Resource.
  • ProHits - Prohits is a laboratory information management system for processing large scale mass spectrometry experiments. Prohits is closely integrated with the BioGRID providing real-time comparisons between experimental results and published interactions.
  • BioGRID ORCS Web Service - BioGRID ORCS CRISPR screen data is available programmatically over HTTP through a REST-style web service.
  • Gene Info eXtension (GIX) - GIX is a browser extension that allows you to retrieve information about a gene product directly on any webpage simply by double clicking an official gene name, synonym or supported accession.
  • Addgene - Addgene is a global, nonprofit repository that was created to help scientists share plasmids.
  • Synthego - Synthego is a company that provides support and products for every step of the genome engineering process.
  • Awesome-CRISPR - Regularly updated list of software/websites/databases/papers for genome engineering, including (but not limited to) guide design, genome editing outcome, screening analysis, etc.
  • ScreenHCA - A python script to cluster CRISPR screens from the BioGRID ORCS database using hierarchical clustering.
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