The Interaction Management System (IMS)

The Interaction Management System or IMS is the component of the BioGRID Data Model that is directly accessed by our web-based curation tool-set. The IMS has been in production 6 years and has undergone several development cycles to enhance curation capabilities. The IMS is designed to enhance the curation process productivity and minimize human errors through consistent quality control and authentication of results, while at the same time supporting a multi-user environment with many curators on different continents simultaneously retrieving and depositing results. The major role of the IMS is to support our Interaction Management System tool which is the primary means for curation of all BioGRID related resources. Interaction data deposited in the IMS utilizes annotation from the CORE to verify interaction partners and standardize entries. Interaction data in the IMS is deposited into the WEB on a monthly basis to correspond to regular BioGRID update procedures.

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