Chemical Curation

Chemical curation is undertaken by BioGRID for projects of special interest in an effort to provide more comprehensive datasets in which protein, genetic and chemical interaction data are integrated to support drug development and experimental advancements. These projects of special interest currently include the Ubiquitin Proteasome System (UPS) and COVID relevant chemicals.

COVID Chemical Collection

Our COVID collection includes small molecules with demonstrated relevance for the viruses SARS-CoV, MERS-CoV or SARS-CoV-2. This data is curated directly from the literature and can include interactions between small molecules and virally encoded protein or RNA targets or interactions between small molecules and relevant host proteins.

These small molecules may have demonstrated inhibitory activity against a target or may be shown to disrupt an interaction between two proteins such as a host receptor to viral spike protein. More detailed information regarding the mechanism of action can be found in the notes section of the protein-chemical interaction.

UPS Chemical Collection

The UPS chemical collection includes small molecules which modulate the activity of UPS genes (such as E3 or proteasome inhibitors) and an extensive collection of engineered ligands capable of recruiting UPS proteins to initiate degradation of proteins of interest, thus hi-jacking the UPS system to target difficult to drug proteins.

Initially, this collection consisted mostly of PROTACs, bivalent ligands with a warhead designed to recruit an E3 ligase of the UPS system linked to a warhead designed to bind the target of interest. Rapid expansion of the uses and techniques of this technology have resulted in molecules that recruit other types of proteins to initiate degradation and which use different architectures to accomplish this goal. A continually evolving list of the types of molecules included in this collection, and a brief description of each type, can be found here.

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