BioGRID ORCS Pre-Publication Datasets

The following is a listing of pre-publication datasets contributed to BioGRID ORCS. ORCS only loads datasets that have been published and peer reviewed, so please treat these papers with caution as some are preliminary reports that have not been peer-reviewed and others are in various other stages of the publication process. They should not be regarded as conclusive, guide clinical practice/health-related behavior, or be reported in news media as established information until published officially. If you have a dataset and would like to have listed, contact us at to make your request.

Pub Status Legend

  • PRELIM-REPORT - A publication released online, but not yet having undergone peer review or submission to a journal.
  • SUBMITTED- Submitted to a journal for review, but not yet accepted.
  • IN PRESS - Accepted by a journal after peer review, but not yet published.
  • PUBLISHED - Peer reviewed and released publicly.

ORCS Status Legend

  • ACCEPTED - Accepted for deposit in the BioGRID ORCS CRISPR database, but still awaiting “published” status from the submitted journal
  • LOADED - Loaded into BioGRID ORCS and will be made available during our next database release.
  • LIVE - Loaded in BioGRID ORCS, and now available via all standard searches and downloads.

BioGRID Pre-Publication Datasets

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