Phenotype Terms

Term Description Ontology ID
viability The proportion of cells in a sample that are viable, i.e. able to form colonies. Often measured by spotting aliquots of a dilution series on a plate. APO:0000111
resistance to chemicals The level of resistance to exposure to chemicals.APO:0000087
toxin resistance The level of resistance to toxins, poisonous compounds that are produced by cells or organisms. APO:0000215
protein/peptide accumulation Abundance of a specified peptide/protein; production to a certain level. APO:0000149
protein transport Delivery of proteins to specific locations. APO:0000129
cell cycle progression Progression of cells through the mitotic cell cycle. APO:0000253
increased nuclear body size phenotype A phenotype observation where the nuclear body size is relatively high.CMPO:0000126
regulation of signal transduction phenotype A phenotype observation of a process that modulates the frequency, rate or extent of signal transduction. CMPO:0000040
resistance to virus The level of resistance to exposure to a virus. n/a
tumorigenicity Propensity of cells to give rise to tumors. n/a
unknown Phenotype not specified. n/a

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