BioGRID ORCS Partners

In order to ensure that BioGRID data is available to as many users as possible, we work with many different partners in building tools, sharing interaction data, and collaborating on common curation goals. The following is a list of some of the different partners who work with us every day. If you're interested in becoming a BioGRID partner, please send us a message at

Funding Partners

National Institutes of HealthOffice or Research Infrastructure ProgramsCanadian Institutes of Health Research

Facility Partners

SickKids The Hospital for Sick ChildrenPrinceton University

Model Organism Database Partners

Saccharomyce Genome DatabaseFlyBaseGeneDBEntrez GeneAlliance of Genome ResourcesHuman Protein Reference DatabaseThe Arabidopsis Information Resource

Interaction and META Database Partners

Molecular Interaction DatabaseIntact Interaction DatabaseDatabase of Interacting ProteinsPathway CommonsInternational Molecular Exchange ConsortiumiRefIndexSTRING

Annotation Database Partners

Gene OntologyReactomeProteomics Standards InitiativeIntermineUberonfly-atlas.jpgsignaling-gateway.jpg

Chemical Database Partners

BindingDBProtein Data BankPubChemDrugBankChEMBLChEBIChemSpider

Tool Partners

Osprey Network Visualization SystemCytoscape

Software and Library Partners

PHPPythonJavaMySQL DatabasejQueryDokuWikiGIT

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