Result Advanced Filter Search Syntax

When utilizing BioGRID ORCS advanced filters, you have the option of applying simple boolean options to perform more advanced searches. First each individual field acts as an AND search. So, for instance, if you search for cancer in the Cell Type field and Sapiens in the organism field, you will return rows containing BOTH cancer in Cell Type AND sapiens in organism.

Within an individual field, however, you can search for multiple terms at the same time using a simplified boolean syntax. The following are the available options:

  1. BOOLEAN OR : You can search within a single field for one term or another team simultaneously using the keyword OR. For example: Lung OR Breast. This will return any result containing the term Lung OR the term Breast in your specified field.
  2. BOOLEAN AND : You can search within a single field for one term and another team simultaneously using the keyword AND. For example: Lung AND Cancer. This will return any result containing both the term Lung AND the term Cancer in your specified field.
  3. EXACT PHRASE : You can search for an exact phrase using double quotes. For example, if you search for "Lung Cancer" in the cell type field, it will only match if the exact cell type "Lung Cancer" exists. This will not match the phrase lung cancer cell line. This is useful for matching phrases that may be sub-components of larger phrases. For example, you may want to search for "CAS9" in the enzyme field if you want only the enzyme CAS9 to show up and not the enzyme dCas9-KRAB. Searching for CAS9 without quotes would return both matches.
  4. GROUPING : You can group together phrases using round brackets for more complex style queries. For example: Cancer AND (Lung OR Breast). Phrases in brackets are executed first and then matches with those outside the brackets.
  5. WILDCARD MATCHING : You can optionally include wildcard searches as well. For instance, if you want to match all identifiers starting with NF OR MED you can simply search for NF* OR MED* . Wildcard searches do not work when the * is placed inside a set of double quotes.


  • Find all lung cancer cell types: Lung Cancer
  • Find all lung or breast cancer cell types: Cancer AND (lung or breast)
  • Find all Toxin Exposure and Drug Exposure experiments: "Toxin Exposure" OR "Drug Exposure"
  • Find all Knockout or Activation Libraries: "CRISPRn" OR "CRISPRa"
  • Find all screens using the Bagel or Mageck statistical analysis method: "BAGEL" OR "MAGECK"
  • Find all gene names starting with STE or CLN or UPS: STE* OR CLN* OR UPS*
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