Contacting Authors

For papers in which curation of the screen results is not possible from published data, including supplemental tables and on-line resources, curators will attempt to contact the authors directly to request more information. This includes instances in which no quantitative scores have been published or score thresholds are unable to be determined after close review.

Curators will use the contact information provided for the publication for both the corresponding author and when possible the first author as well.

In order to increase the availability of CRISPR screen data to the scientific community curators will reach out at least twice to request the data. If there is no response after two contact attempts authors may mark the dataset as “unable to attain”.

For authors who do respond curators should request a full set of quantitative values if needed and the following metadata for each screen:

Metadata Request Form

PubMed ID:

Screen name:

Supplementary File: Name of file (specify sheet if Excel file with multiple sheets)

Scores Size: # of genes with scores provided in the file

Number of Hits: # of hits in CRISPR screen

Full Dataset Size: # of genes in CRISPR screen

Full Dataset Available: Yes/No

Analysis Method: e.g. MaGeCK or RSA

Screen Type: Negative Selection/Positive Selection/Phenotype Screen

Screen Format: Pool/Array

Cell Line:

Cell Type:


Throughput: High Throughput

Enzyme: CAS9 or other?

Phenotype: viability or other?

Experimental Setup: Timecourse or other?

Duration: # Days/Weeks or other?

Condition Name: if applicable

Condition Dosage: if applicable


Library: e.g. TKO (Toronto Knockout) v1


Library Methodology: Knockout/Activation/Inhibition

Significance: score cutoff, e.g. p-value < 0.05

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