Analytical Methods

Term Description Reference
BAGEL Bayesian Analysis of Gene EssentiaLity. PMID:27083490
CasTLE Cas9 high-Throughput maximum Likelihood Estimator. PMID:27159373
CERES Computational method for decoupling the gene-knockout effect from the copy number effect. PMID:29083409
edgeR Empirical Analysis of DGE in R (DGE: Digital Gene Expression). PMID:19910308
MAGeCK Model-based Analysis of Genome-wide CRISPR/Cas9 Knockout. PMID:25476604
RANKS Robust Analytics and Normalization for Knockout Screens. PMID:29038160
STARS Statistical significance for genomewide studies.PMID:26780180
Log2 Logarithmic fold change with base 2. PMID:26472758
DeSeq/DeSeq2 Differential gene expression analysis based on the negative binomial distribution. PMID:25516281
DrugZ Algorithm for identifying chemogenetic interactions in CRISPR screens. BioRXiv
RIGER RNAi gene enrichment ranking. PMID:19091943
RSA Redundant siRNA Activity analysis. PMID:17828270
Encore Easy NGS-to-Gene CRISPR REsults PMID:29178829

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