CRISPR Library Types and Names

CRISPR Library Types and Methodologies

Name Methodology
CRISPRn Knockout: Generation of knockout cells or animals with loss-function mutations within the targeted genes.
CRISPRa Activation: Use of CRISPR with a modified Cas enzyme fused to protein domains that turn gene expression on, thereby activating gene expression.
CRISPRi Inhibition: Use of CRISPR with a modified Cas enzyme fused to protein domains that turn gene expression off, thereby repressing or inhibiting gene expression.

CRISPR Library Names and Stats

Name Size Addgene IDs
GECKO 18,080
GECKO v2 19,050AG cat #:1000000048, 1000000049
SAM v1 (Zeomycin) 23,430AG cat #:1000000057
SAM v1 (Puromycin) 23,430AG cat #:1000000075
SAM v2 (bleomycin) 23,430AG cat #:1000000078
CRISPRi-v2 (inhibition)18,905AG cat #:83969, 1000000090
CRISPRa-v2 (activation)18,915AG cat #:83978, 1000000091
Avana 18,675
Brunello 19,114AG cat #:73179, 73178
hCRISPRi-v2 18,905
hCRISPRa-v2 23,430
TKO (Toronto Knockout) v117,661AG cat #:1000000069
Toronto Knockout version 3 (TKOv3)18,053AG cat #:90294
Edit-R crRNA Cell Cycle Regulation library169
Extended Knockout Library (EKO))19,084
Human Improved Genome-wide Knockout CRISPR Library18,010AG cat #:67989
H1/H2 library (Liu Human CRISPR Knockout Library)18,436
Perturb-seq Guide Barcodes (GBC)NAAG cat #:85968
Human CRISPR Knockout Pooled Libraries (Enriched Sub-pools)/(Wang, 2014)7,114
CRISPRi (Weissman, 2014)15,976AG cat #:62217
CRISPRa (Weissman, 2014)15,977AG cat #:60956
Human Activity-Optimized CRISPR Knockout Library/CRISPRn (Wang, 2015)18,166AG cat #:1000000100
CRISPRn (Deans, 2016)18,509
CRISPRn (DeJesus, 2016)17,974
CRISPRn Minipool (Goodwin, 2017)1,120
Bassik Human CRISPR Knockout Library20,533AG cat #:101926 — 101934
CRISPRn (Wang, 2017)18,663
CRISPRn (Riba, 2017)18,671
CRISPRn (Potting, 2018)18,703
CRISPRn Targeted Library (Manguso, 2017)2,368
CRISPRn Targeted Library (Liao, 2018)Unknown
Human Kinase Domain-Focused CRISPR Knockout Library482
CRISPRn Targeted Transcription Factor Domain Library (Tarumoto, 2018)1,427
Focused Ras Synthetic Lethal Human CRISPR Knockout Library132AG cat #:92352
Mini-humanUnspecifiedAG cat #:130630
Human CRISPR Library v.1.1Unspecified
GECKO v2 (mouse) 20,611AG cat #:1000000052,1000000053
Mouse improved genome-wide library v2 18,424AG cat #:67988
Bassik Mouse CRISPR Knockout Library 22,414AG cat #:1000000121 — 1000000130
Murine lentiviral gRNA library (version 2) 18,424AG cat #:67988
Mouse Two Plasmid Activity-Optimized CRISPR Knockout Library 18,987AG cat #:1000000096
Murine lentiviral gRNA library (version 1)19,149AG cat #:50947
Brie (mouse)19,674AG cat #:73632, 73633
Asagio (mouse) 20,077
Oxford Fly13,501AG cat #:64750
CRISPRn (Viswanatha, 2018) )13,651

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