Frequently Asked Questions

The following are commonly asked BioGRID Viewer Questions and Answers…

What does minimum evidence mean?

The minimum evidence select option allows you to show/hide edges based on the number of unique curated interactions referencing the association. The higher the number, the more evidence in support of that link.

Why aren't all the interactions shown in the summary view also shown in the network view?

In a very small number of cases (less than 0.001%), the number of interactions is too high to display via a graphical network (would crash your browser). In these cases, we've simply used a higher minimum evidence cutoff (shown in the minimum evidence field) to generate a smaller network. All interactions are still accessible via the summary and sortable table views.

What do the different node sizes indicate?

Node size in the network view is a reflection of the number of edges to/from that node. The larger the node, the more edges attached to it.

What do the thicker edge sizes indicate?

Edge size in the network view is a reflection of the number of unique curated interactions supporting the association. The thicker the edge, the more unique curated interactions supporting its existence.

How do I bring up the context menu on a Mac?

While this is always a work in progress, if you have a mouse with no right click option, you can use the OS X options of CONTROL+LEFT CLICK or Two Fingers on the Touch Pad to generate a right click. We are currently working on some options to make this more accessible in the near future.

What do the colors on nodes/edges represent?

If you click on the “Help” menu from the menu bar above the network, you can click on “Graph Legend.” This will generate a popup notification that will display a detailed breakdown of both node and edge colors.

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