Submission and Verification

Submit the entry by clicking the 'Add as Interactions' or 'Add as Complex' button, as appropriate. Submitted interactions are listed below the interaction form in the tool. It is a good idea to review any interaction(s) you have added to make sure everything is correct. An error log is provided on the right hand side of the curation form indicating any errors, duplicated entries, and so forth. If there is an error message showing that a bait or hit is unknown, then make sure it's the systematic or standard name and not an alias being entered. Also make sure you're logged into the correct project for the species that you're curating (e.g. “Budding Yeast Curation”). Sometimes it might be necessary to “force” an interaction for various reasons using the 'Add + Save Unknown Interactions' button. However, the entry will be listed as a “Forced Interaction” on the curation page with the reason provided, e.g. when the gene name is not recognized as being an official gene name in SGD.

If a curation error was made, then select the interaction using the check box and hit 'Disable Checked Interactions'. This will open up a dialogue box where you will be asked to enter a reason for removing the interaction. Once the error is removed, you can then enter the correct information using the tool and verify it again. Both the removed interaction and the corrected interaction will be displayed.

When you are finished curating the paper, select the option 'Full Text'. If only an Excel file is made for a particular high-throughput (HTP) paper, then the paper should still be marked as read by selecting the 'Full Text' option in the curation tool. If you are revisiting a paper and only make a small correction such as deleting an interaction, then select 'Quality Control' rather than 'Full Text'.

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