HTP and LTP Interaction Tags

Once you have entered all of the necessary interaction information, select one of two interaction tags: 'High Throughput' or 'Low Throughput' to specify the type of experiment. The default is LTP unless the curator makes a call that a dataset is HTP. The HTP tag should be used for experiments involving over 100 interactions using a high-throughput method like affinity capture-MS, SGA, etc.. However, if a small set of interactions is clearly generated by a primary screen and not validated in any other way, this should be called HTP. For example a single SGA screen that yielded 50 interactions, only 3 of which were pursued and validated by tetrad or random spore analysis would be scored as 50 interactions for HTP and 3 for LTP. Similarly, if a mass spectrometry analysis was done on a bait to identify 40 raw interactions, 8 of which were pursued and validated, this would score as 40 HTP and 8 LTP. The grey zone arises for duplicated HTP screens, e.g. the same mass spec analysis done in triplicate to yield 40 interactions across all three purifications; in one sense this is validated, even though the method is identical, but this would still be marked as HTP. Hopefully the grey zone situations will not come up often, but if in doubt, please confer on the interactions with one other person on the team. Note that any large datasets sent to Bobby-Joe will be defaulted as HTP, as will HTP datasets uploaded through the IMS (once implemented). For the re-curation effort, we will start from the papers with the most interactions and systematically work our way down the list until no more HTP interactions occur.

It is possible to select two tags for the same interaction. For example, if a paper does an SGA screen and then follows up on an interaction by tetrad or random spore analysis, you would add the two genes in the interaction as LTP and HTP and it will upload into the system. It is a good idea to double-check all of your curation settings (e.g. phenotype type, qualifications, etc.) before submitting a large number of HTP interactions. If you add notes for the HTP or LTP interactions, be sure to specify the relevant experiment type for the note by using the following headers in the qualifications text box:

  • High Throughput: (note)
  • Low Throughput: (note)

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