BioGRID Curation Workflow

BioGRID curators capture experimental evidence supporting interactions from the primary literature. Our aim is to curate all interactions in the literature for major model organisms, and selective topic-driven human datasets. Interactions reported in reviews or as unpublished data are not recorded. The BioGRID curation workflow can be viewed here.

BioGRID uses gene identifiers to describe all biological interactors. For each experiment supporting a particular interaction, the interacting partners are recorded as a pair of gene identifiers. For physical interaction evidence this means that the article describes an experiment which supports an interaction between a product of the bait gene and a product of the prey (hit) gene. Genetic interaction evidence codes record experiments where the phenotypes of two strains, each having a perturbation of one of the interacting genes, are compared with the phenotype of a strain with both genes perturbed. Self-interactions are recorded, as are reciprocal interactions if the bait-prey directionality is clear. To expedite curation we record interactors, experimental evidence codes and pubmed ids but not other potentially useful information such as splice variants, wild type strain background, mutations, specific interaction domains or subcellular localization.

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