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The Biological General Repository for Interaction Datasets (BioGRID) is a public database that archives and disseminates genetic and protein interaction data from model organisms and humans (thebiogrid.org). BioGRID currently holds over 830,000 interactions curated from both high-throughput datasets and individual focused studies, as derived from over 55,000 publications in the primary literature. Complete coverage of the entire literature is maintained for budding yeast (S. cerevisiae), fission yeast (S. pombe) and thale cress (A. thaliana), and efforts to expand curation across multiple metazoan species are underway. Current curation drives are focused on particular areas of biology to enable insights into conserved networks and pathways that are relevant to human health. The BioGRID 3.2 web interface contains new search and display features that enable rapid queries across multiple data types and sources. BioGRID provides interaction data to several model organism databases, resources such as Entrez-Gene, SGD, TAIR, FlyBase and other interaction meta-databases. The entire BioGRID 3.2 data collection may be downloaded in multiple file formats, including IMEx compatible PSI MI XML. For developers, BioGRID interactions are also available via a REST based Web Service and Cytoscape plugin. All BioGRID documentation is available online in the BioGRID Wiki.

Contact Information

BioGRID Team

  • Lorrie Boucher [curator, Toronto]
  • Ashton Breitkreutz [curator, Toronto]
  • Bobby-Joe Breitkreutz [software engineer, Toronto]
  • Christie Chang [curator, Princeton]
  • Andrew Chatr-Aryamontri [curator, Montreal]
  • Daici Chen [curator, Montreal]
  • Kara Dolinski [co-principal investigator, Princeton]
  • Sven Heinicke [software engineer, Princeton]
  • Nadine Kolas [curator, Toronto]
  • Lara O’Donnell [curator, Toronto]
  • Sara Oster [curator, Toronto]
  • Rose Oughtred [curator, Princeton]
  • Jennifer Rust [curator, Princeton]
  • Adnane Sellam [curator, Laval]
  • Chris Stark [software engineer, Toronto]
  • Jean Tang [curator, Toronto]
  • Chandra Theesfeld [curator, Princeton]
  • Mike Tyers [principal investigator, Montreal]


  • Jodi Hirschman [curator, Princeton]
  • Michael Livstone [curator, Princeton]
  • Julie Nixon [curator, Edinburgh]
  • Lindsay Ramage [curator, Edinburgh]
  • Teresa Reguly [curator, Toronto]
  • Andrew Winter [curator, Edinburgh]

BioGRID Funding

NIH - #R01 RR024031

BioGRID Publications

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BioGRID Affiliations

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