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 +====== Adding Screen Score Sets ====== ​
 +  *After submitting a screen data file you may enter individual screen score sets by going into the dataset. Under that data file’s section any uploaded data files will be listed with an “add score set” button next to them.
 +  *When you click this button you will be taken to the score set entry page. A screen name will automatically be generated based on the PMID but this can be manually modified if necessary.
 +  * Choose the relevant supplemental file from the publication,​ if any.
 +  *Fill in the relevant score and analysis information,​ experimental setup information,​ CRISPR library information,​ cell information,​ phenotype information and drug information if applicable. If you need a term that is not available you can save the screen with the default information and return to the screen to edit after you have added the term using the “Terms” menu at the top of the page or create a template using the save as template button at the top right of the page so that you can come back to the saved template after adding the needed term. You can also reset the form to default to start over using this toolbox.
 +  *For the Significance you can choose “All significant” if only hits were provided, Column significance if the authors have provided a y/n type hit column with a 1/0 format, No significance determined or Score significance (this will likely be the most common option). If choosing Score significance you will then need to select AND/OR for the score significance type. If the authors used multiple scores to qualify for significance (such as a particular score AND a particular confidence value) use the AND option. If the authors used one parameter from multiple to qualify significance (such as a particular score OR a particular confidence value) use the “OR” option. More commonly, if the authors provide a gene score by which results should be ranked but determined significance using a p-value score only then you can put the gene score as the first column with the appropriate ranking order and the significance left blank, confidence values columns can be entered into other columns and a significance entered using the drop down menu. For any scores you would like to display but NOT apply a threshold to the threshold can simply be left blank.
 +  *You can also add public notes that will be seen by users or private notes that will only be seen internally.
 +  *Hit the “submit score set” when you are ready.This will be sent to the processing queue and you will be notified when the process is complete or if there are errors to address before the task can be completed. ​
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